Established in 2000, IXONEONE Co., Ltd is an urban design and planning specialist, with experience in master planning, architectural de-signing including both interior and exteriors that give each project a unique flair of unconventionality, uniqueness, and sustainability.
Based in Bangkok, Thailand, IXONEONE has international recognition throughout South East Asia with client bases in Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong.

The IXONEONE team has over 10 years’ experience delivering creative sustainable solutions to a wide range of developments and uses including industrial, commercial, hospitality, residential, and mix-use applications.

The IXONEONE philosophy of actively being involved throughout the process of bringing a project from the design board and into reality is based upon a desire for excellence.

This can be seen throughout a projects development from initiation through to completion providing clients with an unrivalled level of service and attention to detail.

IXONEONE will continue to grow and strive for excellence for many years to come even as the world changes around us; finding unique solutions to unique challenges.